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ABOUT ROCK’in the Vineyard and FEAT:

ROCK’in the Vineyard was created in 2010 by Lynda Clayton, a FEAT volunteer-supporter for the past twenty years.  She works passionately to bring together amazing musical talent, great food and wine for FEAT’s Annual Benefit Concert Event. She says the volunteer-driven event celebrates community, courage and hope for local families who face the isolating challenges of parenting a child with Autism.

Lynda describes her first encounter with FEAT parents at a 1993 bake sale: 
I was walking by a store front where a few women were holding a bake sale. I asked, What’s FEAT? They said FEAT stood for Families for Early Autism Treatment—a new nonprofit organization of parents who were trying to figure out what to do next after a child received an Autism diagnosis. They talked passionately about their own children, about the need for early intervention and life-long treatment, but mostly about their need to connect and network with other parents.

At the time, I was working as a radio personality on Y92, and knew that Autism was unknown to the mass audience. For example, back then when I would say the term autistic disorder on the air—people thought I was saying, ARTISTIC disorder.

I realized these moms needed more than a bake sale! That year, I helped FEAT put on their first "Night of Caring" dinner and auction and about 50 people came. We made it an annual event and it grew in attendance to over a thousand people.  

As the economy climate changed, FEAT needed to diversify and create new avenues for raising critically needed funds. In 2010, I was working on a project with Annette Young, owner of Young’s Vineyard in Plymouth, CA. I was struck by how beautiful and inviting the grounds were and asked Annette if she would consider donating the site for a FEAT benefit. To my amazement, she said, Absolutely! ROCK’in the Vineyard was born.

Know this—FEAT is not your 'Hollywood" non-profit. FEAT works in the trenches with Sacramento Region families who have children with Autism and are fighting for inclusion in education and appropriate the services their children need.  FEAT relies on donations from families and the community. FEAT receives no funding from national Autism organizations nor do they receive federal or state funding. 

This is why I am personally asking you to support FEAT’s third annual benefit concert event—Rock’in the Vineyard on Saturday, May 18th. Not only will you have a wonderful time, you will be standing with FEAT—showing your support for best outcome treatment and services for every individual with Autism.